Actual members

Sirine Layouni, Master 2 from INSAT

Nelson Nunez, Invited PhD student

from John Hurtado's lab at Universidad de Los Andes, Bogota

Former group members

Yannick Escudié, Postdoc

Actual position: researcher R&D, M2I Life Sciences



Gunnar Werncke, Postdoc

Actual position: Habilitant, UNi Marburg


Guanghua Jin,PhD

Actual position: Postdoc Ireland

Aurélien Béthegnies, Postdoc

Actual position: Postdoc Lyon

Takuto Nagano, Invited student from Mashima's group at Osaka University


Ana Geer, Invited student from University of Zaragoza, Cristina Tejel

Actual position: Postdoc at the University of Nottingham


Alain Eschlimann, Master 1


Jean-Guillaume Gomez, Master 1


Alexis Andreu-Boussut, Licence


Emmanuel Puig, Master 2,

Actual position: PhD Paris